Ahmed saad

3 min readMay 9, 2018

Egyptian journalist and TV presenter

Born in 1984

since 2007 : worked as a journalist and photo-journalist in AL Dostor News paper

jan 2011 : participated in the Egyptian Revolution as a photographer

sample of my work

2012 started working At Al Jazeera Mubasher Masr TV Channel

Social Media Producer of “Tweet Nadwa TV show”

November 2012 : Started working for MBC Masr TV Channel in one of the most famous Egyptian talk shows “gomla mofeeda with Mona Al Shazly “ as Social Media to TV producer


as i was reporting for MBC masr the sit-in of the pro-morsi supporters i witnessed the mass killing of Rabia al Adawya square , photo was took for me as i was carrying a dead body killed by police snipers went viral

after the photo went viral i was accused to be a supporter of Muslim brotherhood and i had to leave Egypt after a verbal threaten of the Egyptian Media City Security

i left Egypt to Istanbul 9–11–2013

i started working and establishing Mekameleen TV Channel in 12–2013

Jun 6, 2014 i started my 1st TV Show on Mekameleen

the channel and my self were attacked at once from the pro-sisi media

in the same time i was the main producer of the main talk show of the channel presented by Osama Gaweesh

Al SISI Leaks

December 2014 a series of Audio of Abdelfattah al Sisi was played exclusively in the Main talk show of mekameleen which i manage by the host Osama Gaweesh that revels Details about detaining former president Mohamed morsi after the Coup in Egypt in july 2013

February 14, 2015 i got married to the well known Egyptian journalist Asmaa al khateeb

as i was responsible for the show , we continued publishing these material on Air till may 2015

in june 2015 i left working in Mekameleen TV channel

in september 2015 i joined a more liberal Egyptian TV channel in Istanbul “El Sharq TV” which owned by the famous liberal Egyptian politician and former Presidential candidate “Ayman nour”

In el sharq TV i started a new show to expose corruption in Egypt

i also worked as Deputy chief editor of el sharq tv

the pro-sisi media accused el sharq tv and it’s owner ayman nour constantly of terrorism which was completely not true

the main reason that al sisi regime is attacking el sharq TV was because our press work against military ruling of Egypt , specially the work our main talk show “motaz matar” which is widely watched in the middle east

Also i have corporated with mr jamal khashoggi the famouse saudi journalist of Washington post who was killed in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul

sample of my work in al sharq tv




Egyptian journalist and TV presenter , now #AsylumSeeker in Seoul south korea